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Research Lead: Dr Ornette D Clennon

The work presented in this blogsite is the legacy of the Critical Race and Ethnicity Research Cluster that sat within Manchester Metropolitan University’s (ManMet) Research Centre: Health, Psychology and Communities’ Positive Communities Research Group (Thriving Communities). This research group and its clusters no longer exist within ManMet research priorities and as a result, The Critical Race and Ethnicity Research Cluster has been taken over by the MEaP Academy Community Education Centre, a community organisation that is passionately interested in research and training in a community context.

We are a group of researchers and practitioners from many backgrounds and research disciplines with one thing in common. We are not just interested in Race and Ethnicity, we are also passionate about exploring the ways in which they affect our everyday lives. As a Community Education Centre, we are also interested in how Race and Ethnicity impacts on our teaching in a community context. In fact, since there is no real consensus about what we really mean by Race and Ethnicity, each of us offers our own fascinating take on these concepts. We are both a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research cluster and as such explore Race and Ethnicity through disciplinary lenses as diverse as ‘Cultural Theory’, ‘Psychology’,  ‘International Relations Theory’, ‘Physiotherapy’, ‘Education’, ‘Health and Social Care’, ‘Law’, ‘Community Activism’, ‘Youth, Families and Communities’, ‘Digital Media and Broadcasting’, ‘City Planning, Citizenship and Multiculturalism’ and ‘The Arts and Heritage’.

You will be particularly able to enjoy our diverse takes on Race and Ethnicity by visiting our Events, Research Projects and Publications pages but do also keep an eye out for our interesting posts and tweets, which will give you unexpected insights into our disciplinary worlds!