Public Engagement, Policy Impact & Knowledge Exchange

Pathways to Impact

(Policy Development)


Work with MEaP Supplementary School Consortium and impact of supplementary schools on Integrated Communities Strategy Green Paper.


Work with GMHSCP and CAHN on helping to develop an MoU with GM Faith Groups via an audit of GM Faith Group-services.


Policy development work with NRCSE and DfE’s Safeguarding Code of Practice for Out-of-School Settings steering group around the ‘regulation’ of out of school settings.

Work with PHE on evaluative processes for improving local evaluation of interventions aimed at improving outcomes for patients by integrating health and social care.


Work with ENPAD and EU Commission around developing EU policy around Afrophobic anti-discrimination legislation.

Wider International

Work with United Nations’ OHCHR (WGEPAD) and IDPAD around policies recognising the need for grassroots community report on the UN SDGs (especially in the areas of education, health and enterprise). Also see here.

For wider impact, see here.


(Impact and Public Engagement)

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Knowledge Exchange

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