African Violet, WORKSHOP, Nov 15th, Mile End Park Ecology Pavillion, AHRC Being Human Festival 2015

 Dr Robbie Shilliam (Queen Mary University)

African Violet

Speakers:  Robbie Shilliam (Queen Mary University)

Denize Ledeatte – Artist name Iesha – (Peach Mango Maverick)  

Venue Address: Mile End Park Ecology Pavillion  125 Grove Road, London, E3 5RP

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African Violet is an inter-active storybook presented in the form of exhibited “picture-sculptures”, that is, two-dimensional colour art that represent a sculptured form. Each picture-sculpture signifies a moment in the journey from the African continent to the Caribbean to the UK.  The storybook provides a road map for better understanding the roots and routes of the UK-resident African Diaspora. African Violet has recently won an innovation award from the Global Women Inventors and Innovators Network (

Workshop Details

As well as a one-day physical exhibition of the storybook, a public workshop will be held with the artist, Iesha, and Dr Robbie Shilliam from 1:00 – 3.30pm. No prior knowledge of the history of the African Diaspora will be required.

In the guided workshop, artist and audience will co-create an appreciation of the various meanings of enslavement, resistance, emancipation and migration of peoples of African descent in the British empire.  We especially hope to attract audiences from various ethnic-minority and migrant-backgrounds who might be curious to understand more fully the history, present challenges and positive attributes of the African diaspora in contemporary Britain.

The story of the African Diaspora is usually presented in a dehumanized fashion, consonant with the practice of slavery itself, of shackled bodies, slave ledgers, sugar production and accumulated wealth. African Violet provides an opportunity for audiences to re-humanize this crucial story of postcolonial Britain for themselves.



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