Supporting Sustained Development in BAME Communities: Caribbean and African Faith and Community Leaders Meet Greater Manchester Devolution Leaders, Transformation Community Resource Centre, 22.8.17

Academic Lead: Faye Bruce

The Genesis of CAHN – Faye Bruce, Chair of CAHN and MMU Senior Lecturer and Doctoral Researcher

Faye’s presentation can be read, here.

Warren Heppolette, Executive Lead – Strategy & System Development at Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership (GMHSCP)

Mike Wild, Chief Executive Officer, MACC

Devolution Manchester

How the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) came about

Correction: faith sector

Resourcing the MoU

Working with Faith Organisations

The vision for the MoU

The Hidden Social and Economic Capital of Communities

Case Studies from CAHN members

Tony Mason – Chair of Sickle Cell Care Manchester and CAHN member

Chantelle from Sickle Cell Care Manchester

Tony Mason

Dr Esther Oludipe – Chair of Highway Hope and CAHN member

Esther went on to describe how her church drop in, consisting of health care professionals were able to source a second medical opinion that resulted in the prescription of Folic acid (which is widely prescribed for pregnant women in Nigeria) that in turn led to the successful birth of the congregant’s twins.

Q+A Session

Warren Heppolette


Warren Heppolette

Audience member

Mike Wild

Audience member

Warren Heppolette

Audience Member

Warren Heppolette

A Short Interlude

Table discussions, facilitated by Dr Eula Miller, MMU Senior Lecturer, Researcher and CAHN member

Some very clear messages coming out of our table discussions…

  1. How do you think the community could best engage with GM partnerships to improve health?

Question 1and2


2. What do you (as an individual or organisation) see as the challenges or obstacles faced in relation to enabling health and wellbeing activities within your community?

question 1 and 2

Question 1and2 (2)

3. How can GM help to enable health and wellbeing activities for your community?

question3 (3)



question 2

Our faith leaders went on to fill out a survey from CAHN that was designed to collect data that would inform the emerging MoU between GMHSCP and Faith Leaders across Greater Manchester.

We ended with a group photo…..

Final pose

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