Project Mali Enterprising Leaders, 27.4.19

The Ubele Initiative and Locality’s national report entitled “A Place Called Home”, highlighted an urgent need for BAME communities to be offered targeted support, advice, capacity building and investment to enable them to retain and build sustainable community business models because assets they ‘owned’ are being lost. In response to that, in 2017, Mali Enterprising Leaders was the first community business pilot project which sought to create community business opportunities, inter-generationally within BAME community organisations in the UK.

The project:

  • Increased BAME organisations’ awareness of current and emerging trends in asset development and community enterprise in London and Manchester
  • Contributed to the sustainability of existing BAME-led organisations with community assets through increasing their capacity to establish and run community owned businesses
  • Offered a menu of tailored community business support to 5 BAME community based organisations in London and Manchester
  • Contributed to the growth of the next generation of BAME community entrepreneurs aged 18-30 years
  • Supported organisations to begin to develop and test out community enterprise ideas
  • Commissioned BAME led support providers to provide local, tailored and targeted support services directly to and within BAME organisations and communities and introduce them into the Power to Change enterprise eco-system

For more details, read here

The project report here:

Witter, Y., Clennon, O. D., Murray, K., Sawyerr, A. (2019) Evaluation Report For Mali Enterprising Leaders (MEL). [report] London: The Ubele Initiative/Power to Change doi:10.13140/RG.2.2.20330.36801

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