Caribbean and African Health Network in Greater Manchester (CAHN GM)

Academic Lead: Faye Bruce


Findings from the data collection in Phase 2 of my research identified a number of holistic factors that impact disproportionately upon the health and wellbeing of African and Caribbean people. There was an absolute need to address ways to strengthen relationships within the African and Caribbean community and in addition build influence and impact with Statutory agencies. As a result, CAHN GM was formed and is now a registered voluntary Community Interest Company (CIC) organisation whose purpose is to empower, enable and equip faith and community organisations with the infrastructure to deliver and help shape health and wellbeing services. It exists to identify need and provide tailored educational awareness and resources for the Caribbean and African community on health prevention and improvement.

The CAHN network members consist of a range of researchers, educationalists, mental health and wellbeing professionals, community activists, pharmacists, youth and community workers, ex policemen.

Our Research Activities

An Ethnographic Appreciative Inquiry to establish the development of Health and Wellbeing Hubs within Caribbean and African Faith Organisations

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Our Enterprise Activities

Collaborating on a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership (GMHSCP) and Greater Manchester Faith Groups

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GMHSCP-commissioned Faith Group Community Services Interim Audit.

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In order to engage faith communities with the audit we organised the following events:

Supporting Sustained Development in BAME Communities: Caribbean and African Faith and Community Leaders from CAHN GM Meet Greater Manchester Devolution Leaders. Click here.

GMHSCP Audit: CAHN consulting with our Muslim faith communities. Click here.

Other Public Engagement Activities

CAHN GM’s Community Leadership Programme funded by the Mary Seacole Development Award. Click here.

CAHN GM’s Panel discussion at GMHSCP Working with the Faith Sector Health Conference. Click here.

CAHN GM’s Signature Launch. Click here.

When CAHN GM met Lord Peter Smith. Click here.

When CAHN GM met the Lord Mayor. Click here.

CAHN GM’s Meet the Funders’ Event. Click here.

CAHN GM Public Consultations. Click here.

CAHN GM Public Engagement. Click here.

‘Learning From Leaders’ Initiative. Click here.