Supporting Sustained Development in BAME Communities: Caribbean and African Faith and Community Leaders Meet Greater Manchester Devolution Leaders, Command Prayer Centre, 22.8.17

Academic Lead: Faye Bruce

Let’s come together to discuss health initiatives in Manchester and to identify how faith leaders can engage further in the process of devolution to achieve better health in our community.

More details, here.

Supplementary Schools Conference 2017: Emerging Role of Supplementary Schools – Finding practical solutions for challenging times, Bradford University, 15.7.17

Academic Lead: Dr Ornette D Clennon

The conference will provide an opportunity to discuss what role of supplementary schools can play in developing children’s confidence and resilience to 21st Century pressures such as extremism, radicalisation, online grooming, hate crimes, drugs and gangs as well as contributing to social cohesion.

More details, here and here.

Activist Scholarship in Human Rights: New Challenges, School of Advanced Studies (SAS), Senate House, London, 28.6.17

Academic Lead: Dr Ornette D Clennon

This conference aims to facilitate a productive exchange between scholars and activists, working within the broad interdisciplinary field of human rights, on the epistemological, methodological and ethical challenges in activist scholarship.

For more details, here.

Conference: International Convention on the Elimination of All forms of Racial Discrimination, QM Law School, London, 2.5.17

Academic Lead: Dr Annapurna Waughray
This event marks the recent 50th anniversary of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD). Adopted in 1965, ICERD is the oldest of the ‘core’ international human rights treaties; it has been ratified by 178 States.
More details, here.

Conversing with Frantz Fanon in the Fade to Black Film Festival, Z-Arts Centre, 9.12.16

Academic Lead: Dr Ornette D Clennon

I was honored to be asked to give a talk about my thoughts about Fanon’s The Wretched of the Earth, as visualised in the film Concerning Violence. More details, here

BTEG (Black Training and Enterprise Group)

25th Anniversary: The Inspire and Challenge Lectures – Business Instinct, Brooks Building, MMU, 24.11.16

Academic Lead: Dr Ornette D Clennon

This year BTEG will be celebrating twenty five years of working across the public, private and voluntary sectors to champion national and local action to reduce racial inequalities. To mark this important milestone BTEG is organising three Inspire and Challenge lectures where speakers will deliver new and future facing perspectives on criminal justice, education and business.
In Manchester on 24 November 2016, 5:30-8:00 pm we have the following event:

Business Instinct: Young Ethnic Minorities Must Be The Future Producers And Not Just Consumers

It will have the following guest speakers: Professor Monder Ram, Birmingham University, Kamilah Francis –  a young entrepreneur and Jeremy Crook OBE, CEO of BTEG.

There are a limited number of places available so please book by clicking here

The event is supported by:

Grace Incorporation Faith Trust (GIFT)

Manchester Metropolitan University (Critical Race and Ethnicity Research Cluster)

Further lectures to be held are:

7 December 2016: Education at SOAS, University of London

17 January 2017: Celebration/drinks reception at the House of Lords

More details, here.

Voices of Resistance: Caste, Exclusion and Race, MMU, 9.11.16

Academic Lead: Dr Annapurna Waughray

Keynote: Professor David Mosse (Professor of Social Anthropology, University of London)

The event will aim to highlight and explore diverse responses to caste discrimination in contemporary life by drawing on different perspectives from law, religion and community activism. It places caste within the broader context of how attitudes towards migrant groups and communities have changed over time and how racism, discrimination and exclusion have been expressed and resisted. We hope to attract a broad audience and to provide a space for people who are interested in listening to and discussing a range of different perspectives.

In particular, we hope that young people will attend and contribute their views on this important issue.

More details, including booking, here.

PAC45 Conference: Leaders in the Revolution – Women and Youth, 21 – 23.10.16, University of Manchester Students’ Union

What can Black British Academia learn from Black British Enterprise?

Academic Lead: Dr Ornette D Clennon

Exploring the link between community education and enterprise and discussing possible ways of building a sustainable community knowledge infrastructure.

The Event

Friday 21st October is a youth-focused event with an emphasis on leadership, economics and politics.

Saturday 22nd October is a full day event with topics on women, the African diaspora, education hosting an array of internationally acclaimed speakers and workshops.

Sunday 23rd October is the closing of the weekend with a sense of building for the future and networking. The Sunday event is free with a purchased ticket

More details, here.

Decolonise not Diversify, Birmingham Impact Hub, 8.10.16

Black Hyper-Masculinity, its Interiority and the Importance for Black Leadership and Black Activism

Academic Lead: Dr Ornette D Clennon

Exploring Fanon’s sociogeny as a tool for locating the interiority of Black Hyper-Masculinity and its role in underpinning racial contract theory.

The Event

Curated by a collective of artists, thinkers and doers, the day will explore decoloniality through visual art, performance, literature, media, academia, politics, entrepreneurship, & more, provoking shared learning through open conversations.

Decolonise Not Diversify will bring together thought-leaders from across the country to feed into the dialogue around #DecoloniseBrum, addressing issues surrounding race and gender head on. The day will host a series of microlectures, conversations, workshops, a DIY art exhibition and marketplace.

More details, here.

The Role and Relevance of Interdisciplinary Research in Community Activism in a Post Brexit United Kingdom, Edgehill University, 12.10.16

Academic Lead: Dr Ornette D Clennon

I4P Public Lecture at Edgehill University. For details, see here.

PAC 45 Foundation: Women’s Consultation Report, 30.7.16

Academic Leads: Dr Deanne Bell and Faye Bruce

On Saturday 30th July PAC45 Foundation held its first Egbe (the word Egbe is from the Yoruba meaning family or society) The aim of the Egbe was to provide a safe, nurturing and supportive space and time for we women to gather, to discuss, share experiences, information, good practice, strategies and resources in regard to the destructive nature and issues of Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Female Genital Mutilation, Mental Health and Health. Today our Egbe has made space for an introductory African centred therapy known as ‘Emotional Emancipation Circle’ which will be delivered by Rameri Moukam, Clinical Director of Pattigift.

More details, here.

Summer School Employability Training using Basketball and Olympic Summer of Sports (MMU), 4.7.16 – 18.8.16


In partnership with S.M.I.L.E.

Academic Lead: Dr Ornette D Clennon

Summer School Employability, details here.

Olympic Summer of Sports, details here.

More details, here.

Young Emerging Leaders: ‘Forward Thinking’ Afternoon, 1 – 6pm, Market House 443 Coldharbour Lane, London


Academic Lead: Yvonne Field

Join The Ubele Initiative for their second ‘Young Emerging Leaders’ event. Get to meet like-minded entrepeneurs, activists, creatives and youth workers who are interested in building up the African diaspora community.

An afternoon of intergenerational storytelling, networking and co-creation.

Book tickets, here.

Video of the day, here.

Black Lawyers Matter: A Public Meeting at the West Indian Sports and Social Club at 7pm,
Westwood Street, Moss Side, M14 4SW, Thursday 5 May 2016

Academic Lead: Dr Ornette D Clennon

Why are so few Black men going to University to study law? And what is ‘legal consciousness’?

For more details, please read my post here. For the flyer, here.

Launching Project Mali, Manchester at MMU. April 7th, 6 – 9.30pm at Brooks Building, MMU

Academic Lead: Dr Ornette D Clennon

Visit our project page and read our Storify here.

Launching Making Education a Priority (MEaP): A Symposium, April 2nd, 12.30 – 4pm at Brooks Building, MMU

Academic Leads: Dr Ornette D Clennon and Amber Abisai

Visit our project page here.

African Violet. November 15th, 10am – 4pm at  Mile End Park Ecology Pavillion, Mile End,  London, E3 5RP

Book tickets for Dr Robbie Shilliam’s event here.


As well as a one-day physical exhibition of the storybook, a public workshop will be held with the artist, Iesha, and Dr Robbie Shilliam from 1:00 – 3.30pm. No prior knowledge of the history of the African Diaspora will be required.

In the guided workshop, artist and audience will co-create an appreciation of the various meanings of enslavement, resistance, emancipation and migration of peoples of African descent in the British empire.  We especially hope to attract audiences from various ethnic-minority and migrant-backgrounds who might be curious to understand more fully the history, present challenges and positive attributes of the African diaspora in contemporary Britain.

The story of the African Diaspora is usually presented in a dehumanized fashion, consonant with the practice of slavery itself, of shackled bodies, slave ledgers, sugar production and accumulated wealth. African Violet provides an opportunity for audiences to re-humanize this crucial story of postcolonial Britain for themselves.

Black History is World History: A contribution to Black History Month, Oct 12th at Brooks Building, MMU

Academic Lead: Dr Diana Watt

For more details, please read the post here.

ABASINDI BOOK LAUNCH: Catching Hell and Doing Well, Oct 31st, Brooks Building, MMU

Academic Lead: Dr Diana Watt

For more details, please read the post here.

Keeping it Real?  Critical Race & Musical Performance. November 20th, 11am- 12pm at Dock 10, BBC Philharmonic, MediaCityUK, M50 2BH

Academic Lead: Dr Ornette D Clennon

Book tickets for the event at eventbrite!

This event will explore how perceptions of race, ethnicity and cultural identity are (re)produced and mediated by popular youth culture. Since the pioneering work of the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies, the cultural fields of subculturalism and post-subculturalism via the market commodification of culture, are now progressively merging with enquiries into the Intersectionality of Critical Race and “Blackness”, Gender and (Black)Queer(ing) studies. This market-led proliferation of new identity formations is felt most keenly in the popular culture industries which through the exploitation of “black” and “urban” art forms continue to use embedded, historical cultural and racial narratives (values) to ostensibly sell product. So in this context of commoditised culture, what does “keeping it real” mean and whose “reality” are we actually consuming (keeping) in our market-driven simulacra? Finally, is this “reality” liberating the individual or merely maintaining the status quo of structural inequality?

For more details see herehere and here.


Keeping it Real? focuses on creative responses to race issues and will feature an original commission and worldwide premiere of a new acoustic hip hop/grime track for vocalist, MC, strings and electronics. This is a joint project between Dr Ornette Clennon (composer) and members of the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra. Participants in the project will also include youth from the Intensive Alternative Custody programme and other youth groups working with the CLR James Community Trust. The young people will have collaborated with Dr Clennon and a team of musicians from the CLR James Community Trust to write the lyrics for the song called Keeping it Real? The performance will showcase some of the young people’s ideas about BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) representation in popular culture. The event will also feature the screening of a film of the workshops behind the creation of the work and a short Q+A session where the young people will be able to answer questions about the creative process and social issues that they encountered and discussed.

Our partners for this event include:

CLR James Community Trust

BBC Outreach

Intensive Alternatives to Custody (IAC)

Making Education a Priory (MEaP)

British Psychological Society (BPS)