From Manchester to Manaus – A Direct Connection: A Scholarly Memoir

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Professora Dr Claudia Sampaio’s visit to Manchester where she met some of our grassroots activists in May, 2018…


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If only the title referred to the flights!

However, the title does refer to the intense connection between the research carried out by the LABINS research team of The Federal University of the Amazonas (UFAM) and The Critical Race and Ethnicity Research Cluster of Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU). Since 2014, Professora Dr Claudia Sampaio (UFAM) (when she was a Visiting Research Fellow in MMU’s department of Psychology) and I have been thinking hard about how we were going to make meaningful research (and enterprise) links between both of our “Man” communities. Claudia has since been steadily working on a funding bid to the Brazilian HE Funding Agency, FAPEAM and her university to bring Professor Rebecca Lawthom and myself over to UFAM to speak about our work and to initiate this exciting research partnership. Finally, this year, Claudia was able confirm all the arrangements and in March, 2018 we were able set off to Manaus to meet our LABINS counterparts. This has indeed been a monumental achievement on Claudia’s side because Claudia and I had actually been talking about this moment since 2012 when we first met at MMU’s old Elizabeth Gaskell Campus, where Claudia gave a presentation about her work with male youth offenders and choir singing!

I was invited to UFAM as Visiting Professor to not only talk about my work and how it could contribute to the research of LABINS but also to see how my areas of expertise could be used to co-supervise some of Claudia’s Master’s students. So, this blog entry is intended to chronicle the scholarly and conceptual beginnings of our research collaboration, as the many conversations that occurred during my stay in Manaus, with LABINS staff, students and community partners have begun to take seed in our joint imaginations. As part of this collaboration, we (our research teams) will be co-authoring three papers about our joint work that we aim to publish in leading international interdisciplinary peer reviewed journals and an edited volume. From this blog entry you will be able to gain a sense of the frameworks that will underpin my scholarly and conceptual contributions to our forthcoming papers. Claudia is already working on another funding bid for me to regularly visit Manaus to contribute to the Alci Matos project, as some exciting ideas have already been generated by the visit!

My Presentations

My first talk “Community Arts, Liberation Psychology, Personal Transformation and Social Change” explored how community arts can be used to embed Liberation and Community Psychology practices within creative and participatory processes. For the talk and ppt, please click, here.

My second contribution “Using Community Arts to build Communities of Practice” took the form of an experiential workshop designed to give an insight into how creative music workshop processes can be used to build “communities of practice”. For the talk and ppt, please click, here.

Our Community Visits

We also visited three community research projects. You will read how the many conversations that were generated by these visits inspired the numerous exciting research and enterprise ideas, which are acting as catalysts for our international collaboration:

An Indigenous Medical Centre
Alci Matos Community
Quilombo Praça XIV

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