The Laura Flanders Show: SPECIAL REPORT Building the Democratic Economy, from Preston to Cleveland

Academic Lead: Dr Ornette D Clennon

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The Conversation, Anthill 20, podcast: Myths

Academic Lead: Dr Ornette D Clennon

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United Nations Human Rights meeting to be addressed by Visiting Research Fellow 16.11.17 – UPDATED: 26.11.17

Academic Lead: Dr Ornette D Clennon

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CAHN on BBC Radio Manchester’s Multi Faith Sunday Breakfast Programme with Mike Shaft

Academic Lead: Faye Bruce

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Project Mali: Enterprising Leaders’ Launch

Academic Leads: Yvonne Field and Dr Ornette D Clennon

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The Role and Relevance of Interdisciplinary Research in Community Activism in a Post Brexit United Kingdom

Academic Lead: Dr Ornette D Clennon

A public lecture delivered at Edgehill University as part of their I4P Public Lecture series.

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AHRC Being Human Festival, 2015: Keeping it Real? music and video project

Academic Lead: Dr Ornette D Clennon with Blue Matthews-Mason

A video trailer of our young people from the CLR James Community Action Trust performing their song from an MMU/BBC music and film project, as part of the AHRC Being Human and BPS Community Psychology Festivals 2015.

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Young Emerging Leaders: ‘Forward Thinking’

Academic Lead: Yvonne Field

Here is a video from the day. For more information, see here.

Chestnuts Community Centre Campaign

Here is a video of a successful campaign Yvonne Field took part in to save a local African and Caribbean Diaspora community centre.

See Project Mali, Manchester page here.

Peace FM: Community Research dissemination

Here is Dr Ornette D Clennon‘s interview on Peace FM (Legacy FM) about his latest book Urban Dialectics, The Market and Youth Engagement: The ‘Black’ Face of Eurocentrism?

Here is Ornette Clennon’s interview on Peace FM (Legacy FM) about his current education research project Making Education a Priority (MEaP).

Making Education a Priority (MEaP) Education Research

A video introducing two founder members of the MEaP initiative (academic lead, Dr Ornette D Clennon)

The trailer from the 2016 MEaP Symposium

See MEaP Project page here.

Arts Council England, Only You 2.0 Drum’n’Bass Gamelan Residency

Here is Dr Ornette D Clennon‘s interview from his Only You 2.0 Gamelan research project with the Halle Orchestra, as part of his Axis Arts Centre residency

Young Musicians for Heritage: Music and Heritage Research

Here is Dr Ornette D Clennon‘s celebratory evening from his Young Musicians for Heritage Project