Project Mali, Enterprising Leaders

Academic Leads: Yvonne Field and Dr Ornette D Clennon with Steve Conway

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Project Mali Enterprising Leaders, 27.4.19


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The Ubele Initiative and Locality’s national report entitled “A Place Called Home”, highlighted an urgent need for BAME communities to be offered targeted support, advice, capacity building and investment to enable them to retain and build sustainable community business models because assets they ‘owned’ are being lost. In response to that, in 2017 Mali Enterprising Leaders was the first community business pilot project that sought to create community business opportunities intergenerationally within BAME community organisations in the UK.

The project:

  • Increased BAME organisations’ awareness of current and emerging trends in asset development and community enterprise in London and Manchester
  • Contributed to the sustainability of existing BAME-led organisations with community assets through increasing their capacity to establish and run community owned businesses
  • Offered a menu of tailored community business support to 5 BAME community based organisations in London and Manchester
  • Contributed to the growth of the next generation of BAME community entrepreneurs aged 18-30 years
  • Supported organisations to begin to develop and test out community enterprise ideas
  • Commissioned BAME led support providers to provide local, tailored and targeted support services directly to and within BAME organisations and communities and introduce them into the Power to Change enterprise eco-system

The Ubele Initiative’s Project Mali, Enterprising Leaders

The Manchester part of this project was led by Steve Conway from TS4SE. The MEaP consortium of supplementary schools was also one of the Manchester participants in this initiative.

Our Events

We  participated in two Erasmus training events in Berlin (Theory of U) and Athens (Appreciative Leadership), both designed to widen strategic thinking skills.

A report from both events, here

Inter-generational Leadership Day

A Storify from our first full meeting of this initiative in London, in July, here.

Community Business Event

A Storify from our first full meeting of this initiative in Manchester, in September, here.

Getting to know each other….in the run up to our events

When we (MMU and MACC) hosted our London PMEL family back in April (2017)….

(via the amazing Kool Runnings for lunch, must do that again!)

After our lunch, the remainder of the visit was kindly hosted by our partners at MACC.


Full multi media reports will be collated by The Ubele Initiative.