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QTLS Teacher Training Success at MEaP

Responding to feedback we received about pricing, we are currently working with our accrediting partner Ascentis to offer significantly subsidised places for our  programme.

Level 3 Certificate in Education and Training

Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training

Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training

If you are interested in training with us in our school, please contact us here

Some hands-on advice, guides and resources

The following resources have been taken from our in-house training sessions after class delivery. They are intended as guides in order to provide a window onto our staff discussions, as we develop best practice in these areas. This page will grow over time, as we discover and develop further practice as a team:

Induction Pack

Induction Essentials to accompany induction session. Click here.

The Inclusive Classroom

SEND and Supplementary Schools

Working with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

Working with ADHD

Working with Dyscalculia

Behavioural Management Tips

Relationships Education RSE (as part of our Inclusive Classroom)

Due to the mandatory curriculum in 2020 for relationships and sex education, we have already been having discussions about LGBT issues within a religious (RE)/PSHE context.

I think it would be fair to say, that we would not be meeting our duty of care for a young person, if they were to come to one of us with an issue of this magnitude and we were unable to offer any support.


As part of our ongoing CPD and training in this area here are some initial resources we are using:

Support network:

Some cultural perspectives on LGBT issues

Muslim Perspectives

Background – discussion: Here is a parallel paper exploring Old Testament Scriptures from a Christian perspective A hermeneutical introduction to sexual immorality in Leviticus

Support network:

African Perspectives

Background – discussion:

Decolonising Education

Decolonising (remembering pre-colonial knowledges) Sexual Ethics?

Watch, here.

Chapter 5 from p. 105 onwards, in the book, Black Scholarly Activism locates this exploration of pre-colonial African sexual ethics within the wider Decoloniality Movement:

Selected Chapters from the book, Alternative Education and Community Engagement:  Making Education a Priority outlines the ethical positions of Free Schools, Cooperative Schools and Studio Schools, as well as looking at the role of the Arts in education (also see Creative Teaching Resources), here.

Chapter 4 from p. 71 onwards, in the book, Black Scholarly Activism asks if the role of Education is about learning Whiteness:

The practical manifestation of Decoloniality in our teaching practice takes the form of Ubuntu an African Philosophy to Education.

Support network:

Understanding What Epistemology and Ontology are and their importance to Decolonial Education (session 8)

Ppt, see here.

Reading List, see here.

Supplementary Schools, ‘The Market’ and Slavery

The importance of stories and supplementary education in embedding cultural resistance to oppression in our pedagogy, listen here.

Polygenism and Scientific Racism

At around 18:06, I talk about polygenism, scientific racism and their persistence in contemporary thinking, as we fight against the rise of white supremacy. Please click on the image.

Mental Health

Informal online Adolescent Mental Health Support (see our Online Safety and Data Protection Policy for relevance, here.)

The Mix: Essential Support for under 25s

Creative Teaching and Online Resources

Click here.

Past Exam papers for revision

AQA Exam Board

Edexcel Exam Board

Lesson Plans

The importance of planning an effective lesson

Download template, here.

Session Diaries

The importance of effective session monitoring. This will, in effect, be a summary of our post-session staff debriefs.

Download template, here.