Young Manchester Research: Tackling Racial Injustice

Academic Lead: Dr Ornette D Clennon

Partners: CAHN and Elevate Young Minds


Young Manchester is committed to working with others to tackle racial injustice that impacts on children and young people’s lives and to establishing clear, coherent approaches to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion within the Youth and Play sector.

Young Manchester are therefore seeking to support Black Young People’s voices and the expertise of Black Youth Workers. We want to hear directly from Black Young People and Youth Workers about their experiences in the city, so that we can directly inform future plans for youth and play work and attract further investment to support their needs and strengths.

Learning from this project will support and inform the Youth and Play sector, it is our hope and expectation that recommendations from this work will lead to action, including informing future funding and grant programmes led by Young Manchester and others.

We are supporting key partners who are keen to take this work forward that will provide outstanding opportunities for Young People and for Youth Workers in Manchester, to be heard and to help make a difference. This will strengthen partnerships, drive quality provision, support inclusion and privilege youth voice and leadership.

Research Aims

  • Building strong partnership working for tackling racial injustice at a local level, within and beyond the Youth and Play sector.
  • A deeper understanding of the role and experiences of Youth Workers in supporting young people and tackling racial injustice.
  • Understanding how Black youth voice and activism can inform wider learning and shape future policy and practice in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.
  • Recommendations from the consultation will lead to action, including informing future funding to deliver social action and Youth activism to influence change within organisations and institutions led by Youth Workers.

Here is a link to our survey:

Here is our map of Black-led youth service providers and initiatives from the survey.

Categories of services are: School Liaison (incl. supplementary schools), Youth Spaces/Mental Health and Enterprise Development

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Community Engagement

We arranged a community engagement event with the report’s contributors on 29.3.22 to discuss some of the short, medium and longer term strategies recommended and implied in the report.

Please read the report from the event, here.

National Launch

Date and time

Wed, 11 May 2022

15:30 – 16:45 BST


Online event

The Tackling Racial Injustice report is a co-produced community research project exploring the challenges funders face in reaching and supporting grassroots African diaspora-led groups, as described by the communities themselves.

The report explores practical solutions that funders, places, and the not-for-profit sector can implement to tackle racial injustice in our systems and processes.

Whilst originally commissioned to support the youth and play sector in Manchester, and the research co-produced with Manchester-based community groups; the recommendations and findings transcend both youth and play settings, and the Manchester geography to provide a potential roadmap to meaningfully funding grassroots African diaspora-led community groups across the UK.

Register for the event, here.

Linkedin post of post-event buzz, here.


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